Transition Home / Programs

The Redeem United transition program provides teenagers and young adults, who have grown up in an orphanage or on the streets, with the skills needed to transition into adulthood.  We have temporary housing, where we can provide a safe place for teenagers and young adults, while they are going through the transition program. We provide programs, such as: money management, health education, spiritual development, tuition assistance, trade skills, and much more.  These programs are offered to the residents in the home as well as the students selected for the transition program. We believe that educating the most vulnerable population will not only help prevent the cycle of orphans, but it will also aid in bringing people out of poverty.

The boys pictured are our very first group to go through our programs. All of the boys pictured are employed by Redeem United, but they are not all orphans. They have agreed to help us develop programs and protocols for the future so when the door opens to take teens from an orphanage, when we are ready. We believe they will be the future leaders in Redeem United.