Scholarship Program

We are in our 4th year of providing scholarships to students in the Gonaives area and continue to enhance the program and make adjustments each year. Currently, we serve 8 family units, which is approximately 20 students in the program. We provide a scholarship to each student that covers the cost of their tuition, books, and any exam fees they may have. We also provide a small stipend at the beginning of the school year to help offset some of the uniform expenses they may have. In addition to scholarships, each family unit in our program receives a food supplement at the beginning of each month. The kit includes some rice, spaghetti, eggs, and seasoning. It isn’t enough to feed the entire family for the month, but helps take a little of the burden off so they can use their own money to purchase meat, vegetables, or anything else they may need. We also host a program at the beginning of each month where all of our scholarship families come together. Some days we teach a discipleship class, other days we talk about family dynamics and each person’s role in the family. We even spend 1 session talking about the importance of setting goals, making a plan to achieve those goals, and casting a vision for each student’s future.